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Monday, January 21, 2008

Theme Scrabble: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Fran and I decided to play a "themed" game of Scrabble. Here is the transcript! It started out somewhat random, then evolved into a bit of a story line. Capital words are the words we played.

Heather M: the theme is fantasy/sci fi, justify each word if it's not apparent

Heather M: the noble night used to be a shepherd, and when his favorite EWE died, he went off to seek his fortune

Fran M: the alien bounty hunter kept a RAZOR in his boot.

Heather M: it looked like a child's TOY, but was really the key to saving the realm...

Fran M: no FEWER than FIVE knights had attempted to get through the thorns that surrounded Aurora's castle.

Heather M: "hey dude, i need some TIX to the intergalactic game tomorrow!"

Fran M: "yo! you from 'ROUND here?" said the alien bounty hunter.

Heather M: YEP, PA, i am from around here, as a matter of fact.

Fran M: the LANDING on the planet surface was very rough.

Heather M: oh no! The laser beam blasted straight through his CECAL cavity! intestinal crud is leaking everywhere!

Heather M: "do re me fa so LA ti do!"

Heather M: "AL, this is no time for singing! hand me the scalpel!"

Fran M: The dragon EGG was purple and about the size of a volkswagen beetle.

Heather M: "hey BUD, you gonna BE much longer on that commode? we have dragons to fight, let's get going!"

Fran M: Al took off like he had a BUR in his pants when he saw the dragon coming.

Fran M: Then he realized he had been paid a FIVER to get a picture of it.

Heather M: al and burt were best BUDS...but if al didn't stop LISPING when they were trying to sneak up on dragons, burt knew he'd get them killed

Fran M: If you're going to fight dragons (or just take their picture) you have to HONE all your skills.

Heather M: "LA LA LA"

Heather M: dude, we're going to have to WEAN you off of those happy pills the martians gave you. maybe we can put you IN saturn's latest rehab program..."

Fran M: Dude, wouldn't it be easier to just DROW the dragon?

Fran M: Man, you need to stay away from those Renaissance fairs, who talks like that?

Heather M: AW, while i was sleeping in the HAY, the evil wizard put a HEX on me

Fran M: The KORAI all bore a striking resemblence to DI. It really freaked her out.

Heather M: the troubadour went to all the local taverns, playing his UKE and listening to the tales of the dragon

Fran M: Al gave Burt a VEE for victory. He finally got a good shot of the dragon.

Heather M: he (the troubadour) had always heard that if you put some SAL IN your water, it would help you SING better. how fortunate that he just happened to have some in the pocket of his GI.

Fran M: the troubador is also a black belt? :-)

Fran M: Unfortunately, when he opened his mouth to sing, it came out as a YODEL!

Heather M: he told his mother he would STRIVE to do his best every time he sang, so this was a big embarrassment to him

Fran M: Oh, woe is ME, what will MA think of me now?

Heather M: SO he decided to call his JO for some extra one on one voice lessons

Fran M: A MOUE replaced his smile when his JO said she was going to charge him 200 SOU for the lessons.

Heather M: since they both were feeling so out of sorts with each other, they both called their MAS to have their QIS rebalanced

Fran M: The troubador's ma said, "Your QI is totally out of whack!" "IF you had listened to me and IF you weren't seeing that, that girl, you'd be fine."

Heather M: she continued: "i felt like my heart was TORN out of my chest when you started seeing her!" (she's a touch melodramatic)

Ed (the troubador) actually thought his girlfriend was a little wild also, but he thought he could TAME her.

Heather M: TA for the game Fran!

1 comment:

Stidmama said...

What a fun idea, ladies! WEll done!!!!