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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bats in the Belfry

Call me She-Ra!

Saturday evening, I was gone at a Bunco game with my friends. Doug and Daniel were having a movie night at home. Doug noticed the cats were very interested in our fireplace. Turns out there was a little bat that had somehow fallen down the chimney. He opened the flue, but kept the outer glass doors shut, in the hopes that it would climb its way back out.

By the next morning, it still hadn't escaped. Doug took Daniel with him on an errand, and I put Nick down for his nap. As I was sitting here at the laptop not 3 feet from the fireplace, I saw the bat clawing his way across the front glass doors. I shoved the cats outside, so they wouldn't get in my way. Then I put on a long sleeved fleece, two oven mitts and a baseball cap, took Daniel's Elefun game net (link to picture) and verrrrrry slowly opened the doors. I trapped it against the fireplace wall, slid one oven mitt between the wall and the net, and proudly carried my angry squeaking trophy outside. After walking halfway across the (large) yard, I basically threw everything and ducked. Whereupon, the furry little stinker promptly flew back up to the chimney!

Here's hoping the bugger doesn't fall again, but if it does, I'm not worried. Me She-Ra, me brave, me take care of measly little bat!


Anonymous said...

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My Boaz's Ruth said...

Careful that bat doesn't get free in the house. Their bites can be dangerous!