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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Personal Post Partum Diary

Ok, this is sort of more for me than anyone else out there reading, so you can feel free to ignore it! In fact, unless you're pg and interested, please do ignore! I just wanted to kind of keep track of what is happening when post partum. Somewhat for me, and somewhat for a pg friend of mine.

Sat, Aug. 11- 162.5 lbs, false labor pains all day
Sun, Aug 12- more false labor, then real labor started 2pm-ish, delivered 7:41
Mon, Aug 13- 150 lbs, went home less than 24 hours later
Tuesday night into all day Wednesday, milk started coming in
Wednesday-Friday, engorged, settled by Friday
stitches got sore at this point, more of a reaction to "Always" brand than anything, switched brands, got better
Sunday, August 19th, 145.5 lbs
Monday, August 27th, 144 lbs, had my two week midwife check in appt. No exam, just an office visit.
Monday, September 4, 142.5 lbs, and I fit into my size 10 shorts now!

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