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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Room Progress

Well, the baby's room is slowly progressing. It's funny how much I've had to do in other rooms though, as I get it ready! This weekend was all about moving all the baby things out of Daniel's room. I got closet organization systems for both Daniel's and his brother's room. This morning, I cleared out Daniel's closet to prepare to install it, only to discover that it desperately needed to be painted before I could do anything else. It was a dirt/mud/gray paint, with white where the old shelf supports were. There were also tons of test drill holes. So this morning was all about painting. Then after his nap, Daniel and Doug went outside for the afternoon/evening, while I installed the new hardware, and loaded up his toys and clothes. My arms ache, but it's done and I love it! I'll tackle the baby's room another weekend...

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