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Monday, March 12, 2007

Name Suggestions

Anyone have ideas for good names to go with Daniel Morgan? We're really not sure right now...the only thought so far is Justin, but I'd like some more possibilities to narrow it down from. I'll add names suggested here (and the one who suggested it), so I can keep track!

Favorites so far:
Justin (me and Doug)
Timothy (Stidmama)
Christopher (mom)
Jacob/Jakob (me)
Benjamin (me, but it's also the name of our music teacher's son at school...not sure if I would feel right using it)

Others of note:
James (me...hmm, I'm seeing a J trend here)
Kyle (Lori)
Matthew (mom)
Jon/Johnathan/Jonathan (Book Doctor Gwen)
Keith, Frederick, Jason, Nicholas, Kenneth, (lbdawger)
Abraham, Stalin, Clinton (evanonut's idea of a historical name!)
Jeffrey, Brian (Inge)
Nathan (hurshy)
David, Richard (Kazzer)


Stidmama said...

For my boys, I gave each one a name from both sides of the family. I named the first with first names, the second with last names, of people I really admire. Don't limit yourself to "first" names... later research showed that all of the names my boys have can be used as patronymics also!

Oh -- and definitely try to avoid the everybody has the same initials syndrome... it's confusing and annoying when you can't tell who the mail is for!

featherbee said...

Yep, wasn't really planning on the same initials. If it happens, it happens, but it's not a goal!

Stidmama said...

oh! another thought. pay attention to the initials, with and without middle name included. our elder son is M.S. without his middle initial... we were really glad we hadn't named him Brian or Bruce!

Robin said...

I love the name Jacob too!

Nancy said...

Jacob is a wonderful name. I like Joshua as well.

Dutch (Feather's Father) said...

You have found out from your mother but you never asked me what your father's (me) desire would be. Daniel's middle name honors Doug's family. I would be on cloud nine if you would honor your side of the family and name the new son after your Grandfather and me -- Donald