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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tell Me a Tale...

I need to hear stories of sons who have grown up and still stay in close contact with their mothers! I come from a long line of daughters on my mom's side, and my dad's mom passed away when I was young. So I am basing my current fears of the boys growing up, leaving the nest and rarely contacting me again on "typical" stereotypes. I have a great relationship with my mom, and am mourning the loss of that mother/daughter connection a little. I would like to hear that the same type of connection can and does happen with sons!


Stidmama said...

me too, feather! My mother and I have a wonderful relationship as adults, as she had with her mother, and granny had with HER mother! But the line ends with me, as I don't (and won't) have any daughters.

I am somewhat comforted from my Tom's relationship with his parents... his mother does spend WAY more time with his sister than with us, but I think that is in part because Carol's house is actually big enough for her to go visit for extended times. And Tom and his dad get along well enough that they get together and do things with the boys (which brings him home to "Mom" again). But then, the relationship is different with his parents too from living hundreds of miles apart... I have dreams that if we lived closer we might actually have frequent weekend visits. My in-laws are truly lovely people.

Nancy said...

My brothers are still very close to my mom. The one who lives far away calls her to talk regularly, and actually is talking to only her right now while he's going through a bit of a crisis. The other brother lives close by and spends time with my mom at least every couple weeks if not more often. I think the relationship does change when sons marry, but it doesn't necessarily wither!

Nancy said...

Hi. Just dropping in to say hello.