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Friday, November 24, 2006

Chewy Louie

I was looking back and realized it's been a while since I've reviewed a book. So here is one of my favorites!

Chewy Louie, by Howie Schneider

I love this book for two reasons. First, Schneider's illustrations of the little black dog Louie are priceless. In almost every picture, that tail is wagging maniacally. You know Louie has been bad, but you can't help but grin at him anyway. Second, anyone who has owned a puppy can sympathize with the plight of Louie's family, who are chagrined to discover that he not only chews slippers or toys, but furniture, parts of the house, and basically anything that he can get his chompers on! It's a great book that both children and adults will enjoy reading again and again.

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