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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

William Joseph

William Joseph, playing Ausperius

Can this man play piano or what??? If you're a music lover, and are looking for a new CD to get for Christmas, I can personally recommend his CD "Within." This particular song isn't on it, but what is there is just as amazing, plus there are many more that are absolutely beautiful. He can play fast or slow, and it's all wonderful. (Not to mention, he's pretty easy on the eyes!)

Here's Kashmir, one of my favorites. It is on the CD.

Here is Carol of the Bells, for a little holiday cheer.

And finally, something his father once challenged him to do, and so he practiced until he could.


If you go here in Amazon.com, and scroll down to see the details of the album, you can listen to samples of each song on the CD. My personal favorite is "Piano Fantasy."

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Tina said...

WOO! William Joseph rocks! =D