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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Online Riddle

If you like puzzles, and aren't scared to learn a little about how web pages work, then the Kelly Clarkson Riddle is for you! Here's an intro from the FAQ about it. (Ignore the lack of capitals, it's the creator's "thing" he does.)

the kelly clarkson riddle is merely an online game of sorts, a collection of puzzles, riddles, and other nonsense, all presented in the form of a loosely queued group of web pages called levels. each level must be completed before progression to the next level can occur, the object of the riddle being the completion of all levels.

It doesn't really require any knowledge of Kelly Clarkson, that's just the theme he grouped his ideas around. I started the riddle knowing absolutely nothing about her, and it didn't really hinder me at all. If you want to try it, I would recommend reading the "general help" section first, and then getting aquainted with the official forum. There are a lot of good hints posted there. Also, if you go to "current ranking", you might see me! I was in the first group to finish it...we worked as a team, which really helped.

(PS- There is a second set of 100 levels after the main riddle, called the "mirror riddle." If you finish the main one, come on over to the mirror! We've been stuck on one level for months now, and could use some new input!)

Click to get started!


Lady S said...

Thanks a lot, now I have another time waster.

featherbee said...

Lol, you're welcome! If you ever get truly stuck, and the forum doesn't help you out, let me know. I still have my notes.

Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on 98 - what do the pics mean?

Anonymous said...

Come on! What am I meant to google on 98!?

Anonymous said...

N/M I figured 98 out in the end. And idea what to do on 99?

Anonymous said...

Hello? I am still stuck on the un:pw box on 99. I have the message BTW.

Anonymous said...