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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Early Reading Memories

This is a spin-off from Nancy's blog posting about a meme she did.

1. How old were you when you learned to read and who taught you?
I honestly don't remember actually learning to read. My mom always read to me, and I know I went to kindergarten reading. I guess I'd have to say my mom, but I don't remember being "taught." I also loved Sesame Street, that may have helped!

2. Did you own any books as a child? If so, what’s the first one that you remember owning? If not, do you recall any of the first titles that you borrowed from the library?
I owned books and books and books. Whenever my dad took me for the weekend, he said he would always buy me a book, no matter what. The earliest book I remember is Richard Scarry's big huge story book...I forget the title, but could go look it up, as it's in Daniel's bedroom right now! It has stories, word pages, ABCs, everything. It was given to me by my grandparents when I was 2.

3. What's the first book you bought with your own money?
I have no idea. I don't think I actually needed to buy my own books for a long time, since both my parents were so willing to get them for me.

4. Were you a re-reader as a child? If so, which book did you re-read most often?
Yes, I do remember rereading books, but not which ones specifically. The only one that stands out is Anne of Green Gables, and that's probably only because I continued to read her into adulthood.

5. What's the first adult book that captured your interest and how old were you when you read it?
No idea. I do remember looking at my mom's books however, and marvelling at the "tiny" print compared to mine, and wanting to be able to read books like that someday.

6. Are there children’s books that you passed by as a child that you have learned to love as an adult? Which ones?
Hmm...I can't think of any really. There weren't too many I passed by as a child. And the ones I wasn't interested in, I never really went back to read later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

FeatherBee grew up with every type of book that was available. An encyclopedia saleman couldn't sell her mother and I any books when I was in the Military in Ozark Ala cause everything he cited, we already had--complete encyclopedia set, great literature collection, scientific books, history books, do-it yourself books, etc. He finally got exasperated and left. FeatherBee never lacked for books. -- Her Dad - TreeTopFlyBoy