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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Heather Needs......

Here's a fun game if you're bored. Go to Google, or your favorite search engine, and enter your name and the word "needs" as a phrase. I did "Heather needs" and got these:

"Heather needs men...now!"
"Heather needs two therapists."
"Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere."
....and related to that one....
"Heather needs new boobs."

Somewhat more boring...
"Heather needs a childhood."
"Heather needs Gatorade."

If you do this, post your results in the comments.


FranMag said...

My first one was, "Fran needs to pose for Playboy."

"Fran needs to find a life"

"Fran needs pants"

"Fran needs a date" - that one is a video on YouTube I'm almost scared to check out.

"Fran needs to mature some"

finally, a very basic, "Fran needs...ummm...food and water or she'd die."

Stidmama said...

Using my screen name, nothing come up. I guess my alternate persona is complete. But in real life...

K needs to talk to people she trusts;
K needs a life;
K needs to come back;
K needs to focus more on her learning and not on socializing;
and the most strange...:
K needs to make sure she stays away from Civil War parks!

featherbee said...

Hehe, those are great!

Fran, go put some pants on!

And Stid, no loitering in those parks and scaring the pigeons!

Nancy said...

I tried a few search engines, and here are my favorites:

"Nancy needs a peanut butter sandwich, a box of crayons and some paper to be happy." (TRUE)

"Nancy needs to be well-armed, and knowledge is the weapon of choice."

And this, where a blogger anticipated my search and zoned right in for me:

featherbee said...

Oh, that one was cool Nancy!

Lady S said...

{Lady S} needs a REALITY CHECK

Lady S said...

And what I didn't notice at first was that the fourth entry on the Google results was actually a woman who did this same activity and blogged it.