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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Storm Pictures

We had a pretty severe storm Friday afternoon. I saw it as a good opportunity to take some pictures.

This is a little creek that runs near our house...before and after. Sorry about the fuzziness of the after shot, I didn't bring my tripod, and it was getting quite dark. A person's knee does not the most stable tripod make...

A creek that joins the first one, on the other side of the road.

The rain was literally pouring in sheets down my sliding glass door outside the dining room.
Finally, some amazing clouds after the storm. The light was very eerie, kind of reddish but clear. We live on top of a hill. That's my neighbor's house in the first picture, and our storage barn in the second picture.


FranMag said...

Nice pics heather!

Nancy said...

Heather, thanks for this post and your comment over on my blog. I finally got visual verification so I can leave this comment!!!

There were tornados in CT yesterday, and it was pretty wild here in New Jersey too. The wind was shaking the house, which is pretty impressive given how close together the houses are here.

Nancy said...

Hmmm, the "thanks for this post" was meant for the post below this, where you gave info on how to deal with the Blogger issue. But I was so excited to finally get letters for verification, I typed it here without thinking.

Well that's okay, I liked this post too!