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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another Ear Infection

Poor Daniel. Two weeks ago, we took him to his doctor because his ear hurt, and he was starting a cold. His doctor told us that he had an ear infection, and gave us a prescription for Amoxycillin. That seemed to clear it up, as he finished the bottle this Monday, but he's had an awful lingering cold the whole time.

This morning, he woke up fussy, and told me his ear hurt again. We went to the general walk-in, as his doctor's office isn't open on Sundays. The doctor there said yes, that ear was very inflamed, and the other ear was infected as well. In addition, he was having some sinus drainage that indicated a sinus infection. He gave us a prescription for a different antibiotic, and told us to call our pediatrician for a follow up appointment.

I find it very strange and scary that Daniel's never had an infection before, never had antibiotics before, yet the infection he has now is already resistant to the most basic of antibiotics. That he, who has never even had a need for antibiotics until now, has been double-whammied by these bacteria that have mutated in such ways that they need stronger and stronger medicines to stop them. What will it be like in another 20 or 30 years?

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