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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Have you ever played the game "Dots" as a kid? You make a grid of dots, and take turns connecting lines. The object is to complete a box, put your initials in it, and go on to make a string of boxes after that. My high school science lab partner and I used to make gigantic grids while we were supposed to be doing experiments. There is a trick to winning...there's a way to end up forcing your opponent to give you more boxes every time. Once you learn that, it's hard to be beat!

I was tickled to find this site today, where you can play the game against the computer. Dots I just played, and remembering my little trick, beat the computer 41 to 8!


Stidmama said...

Cool. Another great little time-waster... ;-) thanks a bundle!

Nancy said...

I lost 41 to 8!

But then I won 33 to 16.

I don't know the trick, but I kind of figured out a strategy the second time around.