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Monday, February 12, 2007

Baby Moving?

Maybe I'm going nuts, but I swear every now and then I feel some slight movement!

With Daniel, he had an anterior placenta, so his first announcement was at 17 weeks, with three or four quick pokes. I don't remember feeling any light movement leading up to it.

This one is a posterior placenta, and I swear if I focus sometimes, I feel light rubbing or squirming. I really noticed it today during a meeting after lunch. I'm 14ish weeks now, so I guess it's not too early!

I felt a squirmy sensation just now....


Stidmama said...

I first felt my children when they were around 12 weeks' gestation. Sounds early, but that was when the first butter-fly light, whispery touches were noticeable. By the time they were 20 weeks along, even Tom could feel them sometimes!

Shana said...

I was feeling movement at 14 weeks with all 3 of my children. It was very, very faint of course, but it was definitely them.

I run a website, Babes in Blogland, that lists ttc, expecting, and parenting bloggers to help us all find one another. I've added your site to the blogroll. If you need me to correct any information or if you would like for me to remove the link, please let me know.

Thank you and congratulations.

featherbee said...

Thanks gals!

Shana, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I always like to have another way for people to find me. I'll be sure to check your blog out, and may add it to my own roll soon!