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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Clutter Organization

Stidmama asked me in the comments of my computer room post:
Perhaps a silly question: where will all the stuff go? From a master packrat...
Well, some of it needs to be either thrown out or recycled. Some of it can go up into our newly created attic space. The computer stuff will go downstairs to the future family room in one corner. Anything crafty will go into another corner, in a new craft area that I am envisioning. This means I have two corners to clear out downstairs of course...a few boxes of books to move, an ironing board, and a dresser that stores tablecloths. The books are easy, I'm going to donate those to either our local library or YWCA. The dresser I think can go along one wall in the garage.

A few years ago, before we moved into this house, I found a wonderful website to help control the clutter and get your house under control. I still use some of the principles I learned there today when I do everyday cleaning. For example, one of the things I learned is that you can do anything for 15 minutes. If I just work 15 minutes a day in that room, eventually it will get cleared out. I still use a timer to clean, even if it means I set it for another 15 minutes once the first set is done.


You can subscribe to the site and get tons of emails, but I find that it ends up being computer clutter that I don't need. So I've just gone there and browsed around, read and learned. If you are overwhelmed by clutter and want to get out from under it but don't know how, this is the site to start with!

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