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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Computer Room

Ok, in order to shame myself into starting work on the computer room, I'm going to post the horrible before pictures. Now that I've been taken off restricted activity and I have more energy than I did a few weeks ago, I think it's time to start plowing crud outta here and making room for baby.

Note: This is the room where I would toss things and shut the door whenever company came. The rest of the house, while often knee deep in toys, is not quite so disorganized.

From the doorway looking in:Looking toward the closet, doorway is on the right:Looking at the computer desk, doorway now on the left, standing (very carefully) by the closet area:
Send me good luck wishes and a hardhat!

1 comment:

Stidmama said...

Perhaps a silly question: where will all the stuff go?

From a master packrat...