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Friday, February 09, 2007

Lost Returns!

I ran across an interesting blog over on USA Today called Pop Candy. There was a post about ideas regarding the return of Lost called "'Lost' in a flash: Comments of the week." It has some interesting ideas about various elements of the show, and also has a link to screen caps of the brainwashing scene.

If you want a great discussion board about the show, go to The Fuselage.com: The Official Site of the Creative Team Behind LOST, Sponsored by J.J. Abrams (or the Hanso Foundation, depends on where you place your mouse!) Just don't bother trying to go there during the episode itself, unless they've updated their server. You can get spoilers, read discussions about possible theories, read discussions about various cast members, and much more.

Television Without Pity, or TWoP, has another good forum on Lost. Go here to check it out.

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