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Monday, January 15, 2007

Hot Web Sites of 2007

I was watching a clip from MSNBC about what will be the up and coming web sites of 2007. Music seems to be a big trend, with www.pandora.com that will suggest songs based on songs you already chose, and www.lala.com, a legal music sharing site. What really caught my eye though, were the storage sites: www.xdrive.com and www.carbonite.com. They are sites that will allow you to store your computer's data with them. Instead of backing your computer's files up on cds or memory cards or zip drives, you can store it online. Xdrive says you can have 5gb storage for free. I assume if you want or need more, you pay for it. Carbonite has a 2 week trial period, then costs about $50 a year for membership. It's definitely something I might consider, especially as I'm amassing a large file of photographs on my computer that I would hate to lose!


Robin said...

Legal music....as in songs that the lawyers enjoy listening to?

featherbee said...