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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Letter F

Nancy over at Journey Woman just tagged me to list 10 of my favorite things that start with the letter F. Surprisingly, feathers wasn't one of the first things to come to my mind!

1. Fudge Mmmm, just thinking about a piece of chocolate fudge right now is making my mouth water. Or maybe chocolate/peanut butter...or chocolate/mint...

2. Flowers I am a great admirer of flowers. Not such a hot cultivator though. I tend to forget during the hot dry days of summer that my poor garden would perhaps like a drink. Actually, I prefer going to other people's gardens and admiring their handiwork.

3. Friends I've never been Miss Popular with 50 best friends, but the friends I do have I treasure. Sadly, my closest friend lives 4 and a half hours away.

4. Farts! Ok, first off, I'm pregnant. Which means that, technically speaking, progesterone has slowed down my digestive tract. Non-technically, that means I get a lot of heartburn and gas pains. So I do enjoy the release of said pressure! However, I think I'm beginning to scare my husband and our small animals...

5. Free Play This is the time of day that my kindergartners get to choose whatever activity they want to do. It is the last thing we do each day. I like it because it means we've made it through another busy day of reading, counting, cutting, pasting, and general mayhem, and now the kids (and I) get to relax and have fun. (Ohh, another good F word!)

6. French Fries I went on Weight Watchers a little more than a year ago, and lost 35 pounds. McDonald's french fries were one indulgence I liked to have every now and then. Now that I'm pregnant again, I'm finding that french fries are one of the foods that taste really yummy, and have no heartburn after effects. They do seem to be affecting the scale a bit too much however!

7. Fireflies I love warm summer nights and watching the fireflies in our (huge) back yard.

8. Full Moon There's just something about looking up at night and seeing the full moon rising over the horizon. I could gaze at it for ages.

9. Friday Need I say more?

10. Fantasy I love reading, and my favorite genre is fantasy.

I'm tagging Sarah over at A Dollop of Sour Cream with the letter P.


Lady S said...


I liked reading your list. Now I get to read a new blog, following the line to Sarah.

I have a lot of the same favorite Fs as you. Especially French Fries, Friday, and Full Moons. I love the way the night looks when the sky is clear and the moon is full.

Nancy said...

Hmmm, I never anticipated "Farts" when I assigned you the "F" list. Nicely done.

FranMag said...

I thought for sure "Fran" would make the list! Just kidding, you came up with some very fun stuff. As the veteran of two pregnancies, I totally appreciate #4!

featherbee said...

LOL, Fran, your name did actually run across my mind as I was trying to think of F words. It's actually a tough letter to think of things!

And yeah, I debated putting farts in there or not. It was a question of embarrassing myself, or of being honest and possibly making someone crack a smile!

I have a full moon picture coming up later tonight....