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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kitty Update- Changing of the Guard

Something interesting has been happening ever since Samantha died. Samantha was always "my" cat, and Delilah was always Doug's. As you read in my earlier post, Samantha always sat on the back of the couch by my ear while I typed on the laptop. She always cuddled with me at night, laying up against me or loving my hand.

Now, it seems Delilah has decided to take over where her sister has left off. She has frequently been in Samantha's "spot" on the couch while I sit here, and every single night since Samantha died, she has slept with me and cuddled right up to me. This is unusual behavior for her. Normally she will cuddle Doug, sleeping right against him, but giving me space. Not anymore. I've been aware of her loving my hand in the middle of the night, flopping down tight against my arm or side, and just in general being much more lovey to me.

I find it very interesting, and am grateful for it. It would have been much rougher without her presence lately!

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